Greg Waller

Non-Executive Member

Mr. Waller has over 35 years of financial and management experience with an emphasis in financial management, accounting, treasury and mergers/acquisitions. He was Chief Financial Officer of Universal Building Products, a manufacturer of concrete construction accessories, from March, 2006 until April of 2011 where he implemented several cost savings initiatives that saved the company several million dollars. Previous to this position, he had been in retirement except for board of director positions. Prior, Mr. Waller served as the Chief Financial Officer, Vice President of Finance and Treasurer of Sybron Dental Specialties, Inc., a manufacturer and marketer of consumable dental products. At Sybron he was instrumental in a variety of initiatives including being instrumental in the IPO of the company, over 30 company acquisitions worldwide and sales growth from $10 million to over $750 million during his twenty-five year tenure at Sybron. He was the Vice President of European Operations for Kerr (a subsidiary of Sybron) and Vice President and Controller at Ormco (also a subsidiary of Sybron) during his time at Sybron. Mr. Waller has an MBA with a concentration in accounting from California State University, Fullerton.

Mr. Waller currently serves as a board member and audit committee chairman for Endologix, Inc. He previously served as board member and audit committee chairman for Alsius, Inc., Biolase, Inc., Cardiogenesis Inc., Clarient, Inc. and SenRx, Inc., all publicly traded companies.